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Tiana Lee Boudoir sets out to U N B I N D women from self-limiting beliefs and societal pressures; E M P O W E R women to love themselves, right now, just as they are, U N I T E  women through our Unbound Woman of Worth community, and T R A N S F O R M our world through intentional redirection of thoughts on beauty and women.

Through a fun and life-changing Boudoir or Empowerment experience,  women renew their confidence and receive  timeless, breath taking images/video that are a daily reminder of their beauty.

We aren’t your typical Boudoir studio- we are body positive, showcase beauty in ALL women, and capture YOU for who you are. You have a lot more to you than “just” mom qualities, sexy outpouring, “pudge”, and all the other things society tends to hyperfocus on. After all, you’re magic, and that stuff takes a lot more than just one ingredient.   We respect that and want you to see beauty in all sides of you, and love each piece of you. Just like we do.

You deserve that.

I was suffering from depression and didn’t feel beautiful… I didn’t know who I was …seeing those picures at the end was life changing for me. Now I see my worth, I see my value, I see my beauty when I didn’t before.

                – Amber, Texas